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Branding | Logo | Motion Graphics | Illustration | Social Media | Presentation

The objective of this project was to design an event that has a unified promotion across multiple channels. Lunarland is a unique event that celebrates innovation and technology centered around the discovery and thrill of space. Below are the engagement materials created such as a deck presentation, website mock up, posters, illustrations, and social media graphics.

Explorers Wanted AI v2-01.png
Lunarland: Project

Project Deck & Engagement Collateral

This client presentation showcases all event pieces and promotional aspects .
Below is the website mock up, poster, and social media graphics.

Lunarland: Welcome

Website Navigation Mock Up

This video displays the navigation of Lunarland's website. Sections of the website are highlighted and animated when hovered over. The website refreshes in real time with photos of those who post themselves at the event with the appropriate hashtag.

Lunarland: Welcome
Lunarland: Pro Gallery
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